Announcing JSVim 4

Feb. 10, 2016, 6:06 p.m.

JSVim 4 is now available

If you like it or are simply curious, Download the distribution and check the Roadmap .
  • I once wrote jsvim 1.0 in dark times of DHTML and crossbrowser.com(*)
  • Then studied hard and came to jsvim 2.0, which was mainly event messin'
  • Then came to jsvim 3.0, mimicing vim key-to-funcptr and sadly discovering impossibilites of [CTRL][V] columned selections in textareas
  • And finally produced JSVim 4.0

JSVim 4 is

Hoping to bring FSF value to your http client, S.

(*) very nice one though, more enlightening than jquery.