Why I don't use a license

Open-source is what I do for a living.

The main point of a license AFAIK(*) is to
  1. Either describe who may not copy or use in any way the Licensed Material
  2. Either describe under which circumstances the licensee may use, copy and/or redistribute the Licensed Material
  3. Or describe why such Material is completely free, and its derivatives shall remain so
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Money is not involved.

One may argue that money is always involved - it pays the bill. Money is not involved except for hosting or bandwidth costs. My current employer benefits of what I do as a passion actually.
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Only patenting remains

It wouldn't be fair to say I really use no licensing. Most of my work is published as MIT or LGPLv2. I mainly use licensing for the "Give credits to the author" feature. It's not (only ?) ego : So the basic idea behind licensing for an open-source coder like me is :
Don't let other seal legally a stealing.

As most artists do, I -as a coder- want people to actually discover, like and use my creations. But it is an issue to me if for some reason the Company(tm) tries to leash my creativity after exploiting it.
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So now what ?

Well, first thank you for reading. Really.

Frankly i haven't been fully honest with you reader, you are also part of the process. As a reader you may have noticed the small diagrams after each paragraph. Those paragraphs are built using - technically speaking : So as you are basically reading the document, it means it has to be stored, on your hard disk, in your browser cache, somewhere. That piece of storage is a proof of prior art. If at some point I need to prove that Company(tm) did not invent/own the diagramming tools I used, I may now contact (also) you to deliver such a proof.
As a final punchline let say I call this principle the Replicant because such "Document-Applications" were born out of my readings of Raymond Smullyan. And if you actually hit the save button above, you get a duplicate (both of the document, but also of the software (and its source :) ) animating it) You may even attach a file to this document, drag and drop elements inside it or from your Desktop into it, … and replicate again.

Bottom line

Real men just download their important stuff on FTP and let the rest of the world mirror it - LBT
L'humilité, c'est quand on se mouille - Sébastien Migniot