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I’m a french (former) JavaEE and (current) NodeJS Expert, and nowadays a full stack Software Architect. I’m also a Haskell enthusiast and a long time Mathematician 1 2. I’ve worked e.g. for (in alphabetical order) Airbus, CEA, Christian Dior, ClubMed, CNES, DGAC, EDF, ESA, Orange, SNECMA, Vivendi. I’ve been also been a Computer Science teacher on UML, Java, JavaEE and Android for a decade (2009-2019) (yep, 2 jobs).

GitHub projects Reddit account ProjectEuler proof of decades of work

My CV/Curriculum Vitae is available here 3 4 I have a few select so-called social networks e.g. Reddit , some work published on GitHub but you won’t find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google and so on. Fun fact : my contact page lists a lot of ways to reach me5. I don’t have a problem publishing them and you may find that cocky whereas I’m completely disturbed by, freaked-out by, and against having any kind of big-company account to publish intimate photos or everyday messages and you may find that eclectic.

I’m an Open-source contributor, a Linux addict, a Technolibertarian of some sort, an Origami and Boomerangs connoisseur and definitely a Network Security white-hat hacker. My friends are IRL and on IRC.

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