Code templates

I often code HTML single-page apps. These are often simpler, faster and more interoperable than their python/bash/gnuplot/sed counterpart. JS is functional after all, and can manipulate files (when attached to the page as base64).

What I sometimes add to these template pages : D3JS, VueJS, WebComponents.

What I never add to these pages : React, Ember, Webpack, SASS, Babel - meh.

Description Link
First template : simple, lightweight and reentrant : if you happen to save it ( CTRL-S ) you’ll get the same source exactly Template.html
Second template : feature complete : contains D3JS, a block code executor a-la-notebook, C3JS, and is suitable to draw quick diagrams (BarCharts, Pie charts, Line Plots) C3Template.html
Third template : Graphviz in the browser, with a save button GVTemplate.html
Fourth template : a quick todolist Todolist.html
Fifth template : a javascript jupyter-like notebook Notebook.html