UML Full Example

A complete UML exercise

This section contains a full example of UML Modeling of a problem.

The methodology rigorously applied

This example is part of a course I’ve been giving from 2009 to 2019. It is the b-a-ba standard CRUD example for UML Modelling : an Online Store.

  1. The 1st chapter shows how to take a client-described problem a-la “I want an online store” and document the UseCases 1
  2. The 2nd chapter drills down : For each UseCase 2 you have to derive a Sequence 3 - often leading to introduce more detailed/refined UseCases 4
  3. The 3rd chapter show how Class Diagrams 5 should not be handled first, but should merge the system methods decided at UseCase/Sequence time 6 7. A common mistake is to design the model first - as professional we’re able to do this coz we’re smart and fast :) it’s a mistake anyway because adding attributes early is literally over-constraining before having grasped the problem.
  4. The 4th chapter introduces a first Activity Diagram and the problem of the State of the system 8
  5. The 5th chapter closes and summarizes a full-featured shop management software 9
  6. The 6th chapter is a mind-boggling puzzle for students and is often shown first : It contains the full solution, illustrated with screenshots taken from the resulting website - a real implementation 10