This section of the site is in the Attic. It was formerly active and is now frozen. Don’t expect any update - you may contact me for archeology purposes only :) .

I’ve been a J2EE, JavaEE and JakartaEE Architect for the first decades of 2000, and an UML teacher in Engineering Schools from 2009 to 2019. At this time I’ve produced a lot of slides - which you may find on search engines as they have been scraped and archived. I don’t publish them anymore. They may contain inaccuracies in future versions of UML2 and are only decks for my IRL presentations.

But I’ve also produced interesting material during this period :

See the code on GitHub See the code on GitHub

  1. In case you need a license, read this old page - oh, and it’s MIT.↩︎

  2. Here is what you get after editing a class diagram in the GUI
    <uml-class id=“user”>

  3. Here is the documentation.↩︎